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Rotational linings technology enables Engiplas to offer a wide range of materials in a large assortment of shapes and sizes.

In this pressure - free process, powder resin is charged into a hollow metal cavity. The cavity is rotated bi-axially while being heated inside the oven. After the full thermal controlled process, the metal cavity is cooled down. The resulted product is a metal member with a seamless bonded inner lining, that covers all the interior surfaces - the surfaces that need to be corrosion protected.

The most common applications are lined metal parts supplied by the customer, of those made by Engiplas. The vast number of materials offered by this service abridges the juncture of the technical of the commercial factors.

We can coordinate the production processing with our customer's request.

Main key features

  • Ultimate corrosion resistance

  • Unlimited product design

  • Seamless lining

  • Heavy wall lining

  • Rated for full vacuum service

  • Thermal resistance up to 220 deg C

  • Permeation resistance

  • FDA compliant 

  • Filed repairable 


  • Metal parts up to 2.2 meters x 2.2 meters (86 inch x 86 inch)

  • Products larger than above are made from segments

  • Wall thickness up to 13mm

  • Mechanically bonded 

  • Chemically bonded 

  • Any nozzle configuration 

  • Inner rings and seats 

  • Various metal substrates 


  • PFA and MFA - used for extreme corrosion conditions and / or purity applications 

  • ETFE and PVDF - used for harsh corrosion conditions 

  • NYLON and HDPE - used for moderate corrosion conditions 

  • XLPE - used for moderate corrosion conditions with abrasion 

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