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Engiplas offers a wide array of lined and coated agitators for every type, size and system.

Our line of agitators incorporates the best features of metal durability together with plastic lining and coating ensuring the best solution.


  • Agitated vessels

  • Reactors vessel

  • Filter vessels

Comparison to Glass - Line and other alloyed Agitators:

  • Unmatched corrosion resistance

  • Heavy wall lining up to 15mm thick, enables durability for scratches and dents

  • PH 0 to 14

  • Temperatures from -40C deg to 220C deg 

  • Pressure from absolute vacuum to 15 barg

  • High purity

  • FDA approval

  • Non metallic media contact

  • Glutinous media

  • The widest diversity of plastics and Fluoroplastics materials

Main features:

  • Mechanical drive including mechanical seal

  • Fixed and modular wings (blades)

  • Various thicknesses for corrosion and abrasion protection

  • Re - engineered shapes

  • New engineered design is available by computer simulation

  • Relining for used glass lined agitators 

  • Balancing

Lining & coating materials:

  • PTFE

  • TFM

  • PFA

  • ETFE


  • PVDF

  • PP

  • PE

  • PVC

Quality control:

  • Materials certificates

  • Approved drawings

  • Dimensional check

  • Static and dynamic balancing prior to lining / coating

  • Dimensional check

  • Static and dynamic balancing after lining / coating

  • Double spark test

  • System run up

PFA lined agitators

Most available agitators are subjected to loads such as: thermal, corrosion, pressure and viscosity, which can develop dramatically while in use and act constantly to deform the blades and the main shaft.

Very few construction materials can withstand these loads, among them one can find Stainless-steel, Exotic alloys. Fluoropolymers mixers with solid plastic blades are incompatible to serve at elevated temperature and in viscos media due to their tendency to deform under the mentioned loads.

Engiplas introduces a pioneered solution for the above; if steel is strong enough and fluoropolymers are inert enough, why shouldn’t we combine them both into a rigid corrosion-free mixer?!


  • Engiplas's mixers are not coated with thin layers.

  • Engiplas's mixers don’t have welds or seams

  • Engipls's mixers are constructed of inner steel core at the shaft and blades with a thick plastic seamless lining.

Main key features:

  • Seamless lining

  • Heavy wall lining

  • Blades diameter up to 500mm

  • Blades thickness 2 up to 15mm

  • Rated for full vacuum service

  • Thermal resistance -50ºc to 220ºc

  • Permeation resistance

  • FDA compliant

  • Anti stick

  • Reengineered

  • Computer simulation prior to production ensures best mixing

  • performances (if requested)


  • Ultimate corrosion resistance

  • Unlimited PH range

  • Extremely durable

  • Various lining materials: PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF, PP, HDPE, PVC

  • Various core materials: ST37, ST52, SS304, SS316

  • Cost effective

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