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lined covers

The cover is a vital process vessel element subjected to the same working conditions as the vessel or tank it seals - conditions such as high corrosion, elevated temperatures, vacuum, high pressure, PH changes etc.

There are very few construction materials in the chemical industry that can withstand these working conditions while still properly sealing the vessel. Among them one can find Rubber lined, Exotic alloys and glass lined.

Fluoropolymers lined covers are not commonly used in the industry due to two main reasons:


  • Vacuum can swell the lining.

  • Thermal expansion that can lead to changes in the geometrical form of the lining.

Engiplas introduces a unique solution for the above; If properly bonded to steel, fluoropolymers keep their excellent characteristics at any given temperature and pressure while keeping their initial form.



Engiplas's vessel & tank covers can be used as:

  • Man-Hole covers in Glass lined reactors

  • Man-Holes covers in Glass lined tanks

  • Hand-Hole covers

  • Reactor vessel top covers

  • Tank covers

  • Sight-glass covers 

  • Sample opening covers

  • Mixers covers

  • Filter housing covers



Main features:

  • Rated for full vacuum service

  • Thermal resistance -50ºc to 200ºc

  • Blind covers

  • Covers with nozzles

  • Seamless lining available

  • Heavy wall lining 2 mm up to 15mm

  • Diameter from 100 mm up to 3500mm

  • Exclusive technology bonding system

  • Permeation resistance

  • FDA compliant

  • Anti-stick




  • Ultimate corrosion resistance

  • Unlimited PH range

  • Extremely strong bond to the steel substrate

  • Extremely durable

  • Protects brittle glass lining

  • Various lining materials: PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF, PP, HDPE, PVC

  • Various core materials: ST37, ST52, SS304, SS316

  • Competitive price compared to all existing lined covers


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