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Engiplas specializes in the fabrication of all precision machined plastics and Fluoroplastics components, according to the cusomer's exact specifications.

We have a wide range of coventional and CNC machining equipment for your complex machining needs.

We constantly keep our parts clean and contaminant free. We also offer plastic polishing ang engineering services for your plastic fabrication requirements. 


Main key features

  • About 50 years of proven experience

  • CAD - CAM programming

  • Up-to-date machines

  • Lathe machines - conventional and CNC

  • Milling machines - conventional and CNC

  • Polishing machines

  • ECM machine

  • Dimension ranging from micro to 1100mm

  • Coordinated spindles - fewer setups and more efficient cycle times



  • PTFE un-modified, modified and filled gardes

  • PEEK

  • PFA

  • EFD

  • ETFE


  • PVDF

  • PP

  • HDPE

  • Nylon

  • PVE


Machined parts

  • Bellows

  • Seals and gaskets

  • Filter baskets

  • Static mixers

  • Impellers

  • Nozzles

  • Valves

  • Rods and tubes

  • V-rings and O-rings

  • Balls 


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