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צנטרפוגה 1217 (1)
תוף 1600 ממ צנטרפוגה 1218 (6)
20 cubic (20)

The unique properties of fluoropolymers provide Engiplas's industrial coating system with the ability to offer coatings with excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, inflammability and exceptional surface smoothness. 

We apply our coatings in both powder and liquid form over a metal substrate to a seamless layer with a wide range of thickness, starting from 0.050mm and reaching up to 1.5mm, tailored for different end - user application. 

Our coatings process is ideal for reducing cost and fabrication time. 


  • Metal parts up to 2.8 meters diameter and 3.8 meters long

  • Products larger than above, are made from segments

  • Film thickness up to 1.5mm

  • Chemically bonded

  • Any nozzle configuration

  • Inner rings and seats

  • Various metal substrates


  • PFA, MFA – Used for extreme corrosion conditions and / or high purity applications

  • ETFE, PVDF - Used for harsh corrosion conditions

  • NYLON, HDPE - Used for moderate corrosion conditions

  • XLPE - Used for moderate corrosion conditions with abrasion 

Main key features

  • Ultimate corrosion resistance

  • Unlimited product design

  • Seamless coating

  • Rated for full vacuum service

  • Thermal resistance up to 240 deg C

  • FDA compliant

  • Non stick

  • Low friction

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