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The chemical industry, with its various branches, is a keystone of every economy. 

Converting raw materials like natural gas, metals, and chemicals into a useful end product depends on the use of highly corrosive and toxic chemicals such as bromine, Aqua Riga, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and others. 

Handling these corrosive chemicals can be hazardous and difficult; therefore, the surfaces of the equipment that comes in touch with them needs to be corrosive resistant. Only a few materials fall into this category; the Fluoropolymer resins. 

Fluoropolymers are unaffected by virtually all chemicals and solvents, and are proven materials of choice for resisting harsh chemicals. Their exceptional chemical resistances help prevent the contamination of process fluids and extend equipment service life.

By using Fluoropolymers fabrications, one can avoid the use of Ostly and exotic metals. 

Recent improvements in the processing and fabrication of Fluoroplymers technology allow the fabrication of superior Fluoropolymer components. Components of fluoropolymers have superior resistance to environmental stress cracking. 

Chemical industry applications include piping, fittings, valves and other components for transporting aggressive, ultrapure fluids: water carriers, linings for storage tanks and vessels; sinks for wet benches; fluid containers and lab ware. 

Proper selection of the fluoroplymer matrix and layer thickness is super critical in reducing and / or eliminating permeation and stress crack of the components. Engiplas’s lining and coating technologies utilizes the entire Fluoropolymer family, enabling us to serve our customers with superior products.

Our products and services include:

  • Lined reactors vessels

  • Lined columns with all accessories

  • Lined filter housings

  • Lined storage tanks

  • Coating for damaged glass lined equipment

  • Lined pipes and fittings

Chemical Industries
chemical industry
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