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Most of the chemical processing equipment such as towers, columns , filter housings, heat exchangers, utilize plates or trays. These plates are subjected to loads such as: thermal, corrosion, pressure, weight which can develop dramatically while in use and act constantly to deform the plate.

Very few construction materials can withstand these loads, among them one can find Stainless-steel, Exotic alloys, ceramics, Graphite and Glass lined.

Until today, fluoropolymers were dismissed from the construction materials list due to their tendency to deform under mechanical loads at elevated temperatures. Only small diameter fluoropolymer plates can be used in the industry.

Engiplas introduces a pioneered solution for the above: if steel is strong enough and fluoropolymers are inert enough , why shouldn’t we combine them both into a rigid corrosion free plate / tray?!

  • Engiplas's plates are not coated with thin layers.

  • Engiplas's plates don’t have welds or seam.

  • Engipls's plates are constructed of inner steel core with thick plastic seamless lining.


  • Ultimate corrosion resistance

  • Unlimited PH range

  • Various lining materials: PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF, PP, HDPE, PVC

  • Various core materials: ST37, ST52, SS304, SS316

  • Competitive price compared to all existing construction methods

Engiplas's process trays can be used as:

  • Demister supports

  • Distributers

  • Bed limiters

  • Bed holders

  • Draw-off trays

  • Bubble cap tray

  • Sieve tray

  • tube sheet

  • filter plates

  • etc

Main features:

  • Seamless lining

  • Heavy wall lining

  • Diametersup to 1500mm

  • Rated for full vacuum service

  • Thermal resistance -50ºc to 220ºc

  • Permeation resistance

  • FDA compliant 

  • Field repairable

  • Anti stick

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