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Engiplas manufactures a vast range of lined pipes and fittings, constructed from carbon steel and stainless steel, according to ANSI, Din and other international standards. Our pipes and fittings manufacturing system is aimed to overcome production

difficulties that rise in different industries such as: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor.

Our unparalleled range of techniques and materials enables us to deliver top quality lined pipes or fittings on schedule.


Main key features:

  • Supreme corrosion resistance

  • Continuous application temperature ranges from -29ºC to +220ºC

  • Full PH range

  • Pipes and fittings from DN 15 to DN 600 / 0.5" to 24"

  • Straight lined pipes with fixed and loose flanges

  • Lined fittings with fixed and loose flanges

  • Volume enlargement free of edia build up

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Absolute vacuum applications, available upon request

  • Non standard shapes


Lining materials:

  • TFM

  • PTFE

  • PFA

  • FEP

  • ETFE


  • PVDF

  • XLPE

  • PE

  • PP

pipes and fittings


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