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Engiplas can recondition your exiting process equipment made from carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastalloy or other exotic metals and glass lined vessels and columns.

This service is valid for complete units or only segments.

The process includes removing old lining / coating, reconditioning the damaged metal member in our metal workshop, and applying a new lining / coating to the cleaned surface.

If the damage is small or if the equipment cannot be sent for repairs, Engiplas can duplicate part of a solid lined internal that can cover the damage and protect the rest of the metal surface from corrosion.

In cases of large equipment that cannot be moved, our staff can make an on site visit for local repairs or an overhaul lining.

This prevents the need to manufacture new metal which means less downtime for the equipment and greater for the customer. 



Common application: 

  • Man-holes covers for reactor vessel

  • Damaged agitators

  • Damaged reactor vessels

  • Bed holder column's segments

  • Damaged Nozzles

  • Top covers of stroage tanks

  • Lining insertion

  • Iso tanks 

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