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Jackted 90 deg Elbow1
Jackted Manifold
Tubular sight glass
Lined Sught glass DN200-1

Engiplas's Engineering department is set up to design and engineer various products for a wide range of requests.

Based on years of proven experience in the mechanical and chemical engineering areas, we can achieve the best and fastest outcome. 

We do not accept the restricted design approach carried by other Fluoroplastics fabricators. We are more open to diferent shapes, sizes, and pressure conditions, enabling us to reach the final goal in fewer steps.

Due to the fact, that most of the processing technologies are in house, our designs are less restricted by subcontractors and external sources. 

Calculations and designs, associated to standards such as ASTM, ASME, DIN, PED, ATEX, FDA and others, are made with the latest CAD software. 

Our designs maximize fluoroplastic expertise and industrial requirements such as heat transfer, metal metallurgy, metal fabrication and chemical engineering. 

At the end of our engineering phase, Engiplas matches your chemical processing requirements with the overall design of the equipment.

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