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Bubble Cap Trays

Bubble caps and bubble caps trays perform as a key part inside a process columns. 

The tray is flat & perforated with risers (like pipes) around the perforations, and caps in the form of inverted cups over the risers. The cap is mounted so that there is a space between the riser and the cap to allow the passage of vapour. Vapour rises through the chimney and is directed downward by the cap, finally discharging through slots in the cap, and finally bubbling through the liquid on the tray.

As vapor has to pass through many passages this lead to higher pressure drop and lower capacity than other conventional trays. Liquid and froth are filled on the tray to a depth at least equal to the weir height or riser height, giving the bubble-cap tray a unique ability to be used for reaction applications.

Our cups are mounted with back Nut under the tray so that the end user can disassembled and assemble the cups easily with no need of a special equipment.

We mould our cups from





These materials are excellent for corrosion resistance at high temperature and they cost less than Graphite and exotic steel materials. 

You can acquire the complete tray with its cups or the cups alone and easy assemble them to you existing tray.

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