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heat exchamgers

Engiplas produces Block and tube & shells heat exchangers for severe conditions.

The main types of these units are Blocks and tube and shells.

Our heat exchangers are perfect for heating, cooling and condensing chemically aggressive process streams.

Process-side parts are made of SiC. Graphite and Teflon lined.


Types of heat exchangers:

  • Tube and shell heat exchangers  

  • Teflon heat exchangers

  • Teflon lined heat exchangers 

  • Block heat exchanger

  • Graphite heat exchangers

  • Silicon carbide heat exchangers

Standart features:

  • Each tube is tested at 185 Bar before installation

  • to 31.6 squared m in standard units

  • Shell diameters for standard units range from 4 "to 14" (100 - 350 mm)

  • Shells are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, glass lined steel, PTFE lined steel, borosilicate glass

  • Nominal tube length is from 43 "to 168 (1.000 to 4.500 mm)

  • ​Surfaces from 0.5 to 40 squared m 

  • Tubing diameter range from 1/2 to 3/4 (12.7 to 19.1 mm)

  • Single pass or multi pass design

  • Double Tubesheet design on request (GMP) 

  • Horizontal or vertical installation

  • Temperature range from -30 ° C to + 200 ° C 

  • Pressure range from -1 Bar to +8 Bar 

  • Special features on request

  • CE, ATEX, FDA full compliance


Ecarb-selects among four sizes of tubes made of ultra fine grain graphite, Graphec® iLP.  External carbon fiber wrapping (CFx) can be applied to enhance mechanical resistance and reliability.  Ecarb tubes have superior physical features and they are submitted to rigorous test, to ensure resistance and duration.  Material and test certificates are available on request.  Original length of Еcarb's tubes is 4500 Longer tubes, long up to 9 mt, are manufactured by thermal cementing.  

  • Tensile strength [N / mm?] [MPa @ 20 ° C].                            > 30

  • Compression stength, [N / mm].                                                > 45

  • Escentricity [mm]                                                                         <0.8

  • Bursting pressure [barg].                                                            > 60

  • Maximum temperature (bulk), ° C                                              220

  • Thermal conductivity [W / mK]                                                      50

  • Max.  length of not cemented tube [mm]                               =4500

  • Permeability (air) [cm? / S]                                                          <10

  • Air testing pressure [barg]                                                               20

  • Hydraulic test pressure [bara]                                                         10

  • Tube diameters (int / ext, mm)          16 / 25-22  /32.25/37-38/51



Tube sheets


Tubesheets are the critical components of heat exchangers and they are continuously stressed during operations.  Tubesheets may be made of Graphec iLP or iSP, eventually reinforced with anti-erosion sleeves or layers, made of amorphous carbon, PVDF or PTFE.  Tubesheet thickness depends on design conditions and it is determined using high safety factor (minimum 9 tinmes than theorical values).




Availableconstruction graphite (graphec iLP or iSP), ebonite, materials: glass or PTFE lined steel.  Headers de- sign is adapted to specific service re- quirements.  Special long headers are made as separation chamber for partial conden- ser.  Headers may be equipped with mixers, anti-erosion baffles or conical conveyors.


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