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water treatment

In recent years, water has become a major industrial resource. As the world dries, more and more attention is drawn to finding new water resources and more efficient and productive use of water.

The main feature of the equipment used in this industry, is the ability to process large quantities of non contaminated water, in corrosion - free manner.

As a rule of thumb, the water is filtered, conveyed, pressed and refiltered, until it reaches the required leveled of cleanliness.

Engiplas supplies the water treatment industry with polymer and fluoropolymer lined equipment, as and alternative to exotic metals such as Duplex, Inconel, Titanium and other alloys.

Engiplas's fluoropolymer lining decreases the amount of organic and non organic materials, which tend to build up on the walls of the equipment. This enables the plant to increase its outcome volume, providing higher levels of cleanliness and corrosion - free processing. 


Products include:

  • Linded filters and strainers

  • Large Diameter tubes and large diameter fittings

  • Lined storage tanks 

  • Lined vessels and tailor made equipment

  • Lined Filter housings 

  • Lined pipes and fittings

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