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semi conductors

Advanced technology is an essential tool for any industry seeking for life upgrading.
Strong correlation between technological advancements and daily life enrichment has existed since the beginning of history and it comes in different shapes and forms at any given time.
Substantial investments in high technology production made by governments around the globe are routed mainly to semiconductor industry.
In a vast number of semiconductor production plants, chemicals - non - corrosive and corrosive alike - are used daily. They should be treated with much care.
The most vital function of the construction material dealing with these chemicals is to maintain a high level of purity and to avoid contamination to the process while resisting corrosion in a wide range of temperatures and pressures.
This is the main reason why Fluoropolymers are one of the major players in every FAB – they are chemically inert to the media while sustaining the requested level of purity.

Engiplas serves Semi Conductors companies by providing various products:

  • Lined pipes and fittings 

  • Bottles - solid 

  • Injectors and sprayers 

  • Chemical containers - solid and lined 

  • High pressure vessels and tankgsnd lined 

  • Valves 

  • Filtration systems 

  • Lined heat exchangers

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