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The constant increasing demand for medicines and drugs is a major catalyst of the pharmaceutical industry growth. Companies seeking to pursue this demand are investing unlimited amounts of time and capital into their research and production facilities.

It is the right of the patient to consume pure and safe drugs. As such, the industry is subjected to constant quality checks, making it imperative to obtain the highest levels of cleanliness and purity. 

Chemical / Ingredients Division

Fluroplastics play a major roll in this process: from the storage tanks, through the pipes and fittings conveying hazardous liquids and gases, through the reactor vessels with all their accessories, through the centrifugal machines and finishing with filtration and drying equipment. 

In the pursuit to corrosion free production, Fluoroplastics have unmatched levels of resistance to chemicals, far more than exotic alloys and glass. 

As our experience has shown, in some cases it is better to use a Fluoroplastics lining protection system than to use exotic alloys, which are corrosively attacked after just a few months of service. 

Fluoroplastic materials are of the highest purity and cleanness level. This is important choosing a material which comes in touch with the batch liquids and gases. Our FDA - approved lining and coatings do not contaminate nor impart any particles into the process, rather they preserve the purity of the end - product, making them the best choice when purity is the main concerns.

Anti static lining and coatings are available. 


Our products include:

  • Lined reactors vessels, fully equipped

  • Lined columns with all accessories 

  • Lined filer housings 

  • Lined dryers

  • Lined storage tanks 

  • Coating for centrifugal systems

  • Coatings for ventilation systems

  • Steam ejectors, injectors, bellows, inlet nozzles, ovens

  • Lined pipes and fittings


Research and Development Division

 In volume production plants, quality is the governing quantity. Here we focus more on tailor made solutions rather than on large scale production. 

Solid fluoroplastic products are more common than coated or lined metal members.

Glass and PTFE are the major construction materials in this division. Full production plants are supplied with glass vessels and reactors, equipped with PTFE agitators and mixers, wave breakers, column internals, valves, pipes and fittings and sealing adaptors. 

Potent materials are treated with much care, when used inside glove boxes or closed feeding systems. Filter different materials with our solid PTFE units, engineered specifically per application. The units can be installed both inside and outside the glove chamber. Drying units can be heated by conventional methods and by microwaves. 

Mini plants are ideal solutions for the laboratory, seeking a turn key unit. Engiplas supplies these units with all the necessary processing equipment up to any required scale and volume. We also enable the customer to check the system running before it is dispatched from our site.


Products include:

  • Lined reactors vessels, fully equipped

  • Solid PTFE reactor vessels, fully equipped

  • Solid PTFE / PFA / ETFE columns with all accessories

  • Filter housings

  • Slid PTFE dryers

  • Coatings for ventilation systems

  • Coating for metal structures

  • Lined pipes and fittings

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