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food industry

Fluoropolymers are today's answer to the two major setbacks of production in the food industry - 

  • Stickiness of the processed media

  • Accumulation of the powders.

Stickiness - Stick food materials tend to bond to the walls of the equipment they come in contact with. The required timeconsuming maintenance incurs high cleaning costs. In order to overcome these costly and tiresome maintenance procedures, Engiplas provides various coating systems for equipment in various sizes and construction materials.

The walls of the coated member remain clean and non-contaminated. It is much easier to clean them at the end of every production round. 

Accumulation - Powders tend to build onto the walls of the equipment they come in contact with. In some cases this may cause clogging and may even halt production. The low coefficient of fricition of the Fluropolymers materials reduces powder build - up and in some cases even eliminates it - the powders lows more easily.

Some of the coatings we offer:

  • PTFE thin and thick coatings

  • PTA thin and thick coatings 

  • FEP thin coatings

  • MFA thin coatings 

  • ETFE thin and thick coatings 

  • ECTFE thin and thick coatings 

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