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bio diesel
Workers at Gas Plant

The ecology requests for cleaner energy sources is one of the most profound needs for change in combination with the increased demand for energy.

One of the leading paths in recent years is the Biodiesel industry.

Using field crops as a source for energy is decreasing the consumer’s reliance on foreign resources, decreasing pollution and increasing local agriculture output. In order to become fuel, a number of chemical reactions take place with raw fat or oil. The most common reaction is the transesterification process in which fat is initially purified and then mixed with an alcohol suc as Ethanol (CH3CH2OH) or Methanol (CH3OH).

The end process is to neutralize the products of the transesterification process by corrosive media.

To eliminate corrosion while processing Biodiesel, Engiplas supplies lined equipment such as pipes and fittings with an extremely high permeation resistance, static dissipating linings are available when electrical charges occur during fast velocities of flow, filter housings in all sorts such as bags, cartridges and plates, lined static mixers with lined or solid PTFE mixers, agitated vessels and columns.


Our products include:

  • Lined reactors vessels, fully equipped 

  • Lined columns with all accessories

  • Lined filter housings

  • Lined dryers

  • Lined storage tanks

  • Coatings for ventilation systems

  • Lined pipes and fittings 

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