Our products - Filter Housings

Engiplas gives you a full array of solutions 

Engiplas provides a wide array of lined filter housings for systems of virtually every type and size. Our line of housings incorporates the best features of metal housing with plastic linings and coating, ensuring the best solution.
Our products excel when it comes to long service with cost effectiveness.
Engiplas's line of lined-filter housings are ideal for hazardous corrosives, high purity and non - stick applications. Whatever type of filter you are planning to use, Engiplas can supply you a housing that suits your needs.
Engiplas Housing features:
•  Bag, cartridge, nutsche, multi-bag, multi - cartridge, duplex and multiplex
•  Flanged and fast hand opened covers
•  Permanently piped housings
•  Construction materials - carbon steel, stainless steel (304 or 316), or solid
    Fluoroplastic (PTFE / TFM / PFA / ETFE)
•  ASME and CE code stamp available
•  Several types of exterior finishes
•  Jacketed and non - jacketed housings

Unparalleled Serviceability 

•  Unmatched corrosion resistance
•  Heavy wall lining up to 15mm thick, enabling durability for scratches and dents
•  PH 0 to 14
•  Temperatures from -40C deg to 220C deg  
•  Pressure from absolute vacuum to 15 barg
•  High purity
•  FDA approval
•  Non - metallic media contact
•  Glutinous media
•  The widest diversity of plastics and Fluoroplastics materials
•  Easy to clean

Cartridge Housing

Engiplas’s lined cartridge filter housings are suitable for almost any type of cartridge filters up to 40". We can manufacture housing to suit all your specific filterrequirements.

•  Double Open End (DOE) cartridges with flat gaskets
•  Double Open End (DOE) cartridges with 213 internal 'O' ring
•  Single Open End (SOE) cartridges with 2 x 222 'O' rings and flat en  / spear
•  Single Open End (SOE) cartridges with 2 x 226 'O'  with 2 lug bayonet and flat end / spear
•  Single Open End (SOE) cartridges with 2 x 226 'O'  with 3 lug bayonet and flat end / spear

Bag Filter Housings

Engiplas lined bag filter housings are suitable for almost any type of bag filters of all diameter and length. We can manufacture housing to suit all your specific filter requirements. 
Engiplas lined housings are designed for the following bags:      
•  Standard filter bags
•  Top flanged bags
•  Top metal ring bags
•  Top plastic ring bags
•  Top sleeved bags

Multi bag and cartridge 

Engiplas lined multi filter housings can accommodate almost any type of bag filter and cartridge of any diameter and length. We can manufacture housing to suit all your specific filter requirements.
Engiplas linned multi bag and cartridge housings feature:   
•  Standard filter bags
•  Standard cartridge filters
•  Single sealing closure for each filter
•  Lined metal distribution plate capable of bearing high pressure loads
•  Double main housing sealing

Nutsch Housings

Engiplas lined Nutsch filters, are engineered to your specific requirements in several vessel designs and filtration methods.
Lining materials:
•  PFA
•  MFA
•  TFM
•  PE
Metal construction:
•  Flanges according to ANSI and DIN standards
•  Tubes / pipes 
•  Construction materials ST37, ST52, A512, SS304, SS316
•  Fixed and rotating flanges
•  Fully penetrated welds
•  Construction standard ASME VIII DIV 1 and PED 97/23/EC
•  Third party inspection (upon request)
•  Exterior finishes: Epoxy coating, Fluoroplastic coating, mechanical polishing, rectro polishing, electrolysis coating
Quality control:
•  Materials certificates
•  Approved drawings
•  Dimensional check
•  Welding checks
•  Pressure tests prior to lining / coating
•  Dimensional checks for the internals
•  Double spark tests after lining / coatings
•  System check up – internals in housing
•  Pressure test for leakage detection


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