Isostatic molding


Our iso - static molding technology enables Engiplas to extend the product line of PTFE products with more shapes and designs.

In this process, PTFE powders are compacted under pressure in all directions, enabling the production of complex shapes. After thecompression phase, the resulting molding is then removed from the mold, heated to a temperature above the crystalline melting point to effect fusion of the individual particles (sintering), and cooled under controlled conditions to produce the final molding article.

The most common applications are solid PTFE parts such as elbows, tees, tanks with or without nozzles, covers, fittings and more, which can be used as lining inside a metal member or by itself.

We can coordinate the production processing with your specific requests.

Main key features

  • Unlimited product design
  • Seamless construction
  • Light and heavy walls
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance
  • Thin / thick walls
  • Thermal resistance up to 240 deg C
  • FDA compliant


  • Diameter up to 600mm (24")
  • Length up to 2200mm
  • Items larger than above are made from segments
  • Wall thickness up to 40mm
  • Reinforcing rings
  • Molded nozzles
  • Molded inserts
  • Molded holes
  • Molded undercuts


  • PTFE unmodified, modified and filled grades