Turn-key plants


Engiplas's Turn-keyplants, developed for companies seeking small volume processing, of a new product.

The goal is to achieve a small scale production plant with all the necessary apparatus able to withstand all working conditions.

By using a wide range of materials, we can overcome most of the processing difficulties that are susceptible to corrosion during processing.

Processing equipment:

  • Glass reactors
  • Glass condensers
  • Reflux dividers
  • Glass columns
  • Glass vessels
  • Metal lined reactors
  • Metal lined vessels
  • Metal lined columns
  • Heating cooling systems
  • Pumps
  • Pneumatic and electric motors

Frame work:

  • Square shaped and round shaped
  • Modular and fixed
  • Various SS grades
  • CS coated with Fluoroplastics - Ultimate protection


  • Metal lined pipes and fittings
  • Fluoroplastic pipe and fittings
  • Protecting shields
  • Magnetic drives
  • Full monitoring - PH, temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Various agitators and mixers

Quality control:

  • Materials certificates
  • Approved drawings
  • Dimensional check
  • System complete build up prior to lining / coating
  • Double spark test after lining / coatings
  • System check up - pressure test and system run - up with water