Semi finished


Engiplas processes Fluoropolymers such as PTFE and TFM to semi - finished and finished products.

These products with their outstanding properties are manufactured in small and medium quantities up to 600mm in diameter.

Complex shapes and special constructions are possible due to ourIsostatic - molding technique.

Rods (extruded and compression molded)

Extruded rods are available in standard lengths and in diametersranging from 3mm to 50mm (1/8' X 2').

Compression molded rods are available in diameters ranging from 30mm to 600mm and lengths up to 300mm.

Tubes & tubing (extruded and compression molded)

Extruded heavy wall tubes come with a wall thickness of 2mm and up.

Molded tubes come with a wall thickness of 5mm up.

Heavy wall tubes can be furnished with a bondable surface.


Molded and sintered sheets come in standard sizes up to 600mm X 600mm and with a thickness of up to 50mm.

Sheets can be furnished with bondable surface.


For use in heavy duty and anti - friction application, Engiplas's PTFE is modified with selected reinforcing agents (fillers) such as bronze, glass fiber, graphite, carbon and molybdenum disulfide.